Saturday, 14 May 2016

Happiness Avenue

Have you ever felt that you may find happiness in small things? Or that it truly comes from within? I do experience this sort of feelings sometimes especially when everything around me seems too crazy and I can't fit in anymore or when I had a hectic week and need a breath of fresh air. Either way, small things become my escape ticket, to put it like such. People are so obssessed with money, fortunes and success nowadays. They chase illusions and spend 90% of their lives in a rush, unable to see what really matters.
That being said, I decided to express this idea of finding beauty and inner peace in small things through an outfit, a very colorful one. At that very moment I found joy into colour. For me, was the perfect image for that joie de vivre, that burst of happiness.
Now, enough rambling, let me show you the pictures! :) 

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