Monday, 4 April 2016

Scent of a Woman | City Rush by Avon

Hello again! Long time no see, huh? Today I have for you another yummy, spring appropriate scent that will boost your self-confidence and make you rock these warm temperatures in a stylish way. And Avon's City Rush is just perfect for that. This beauty launched in 2012 starring model Milla Jovovich as the feminine face and award winning Brazilian model and actor Carlos Casagrande (for City Rush Him) claims to be the perfect tool for a woman (and man) 'who aspire to be on the cutting edge of fashion and style.' As an image of the modern woman, this fragrance does its job pretty well.
The modern, yet sensual scent creates a mysteriou and rich aroma, embodying a sense of empowerment and sophistication without being very strong. Yes, it's stylish, classy and sophisticated, but not a monster. It's rather quiet and good for those who don't like to stand out in a crowd. 

It opens with citrusy accords entwined with creamy fruity notes and touches of crisp, sparkling ivy, all wrapped in a vanilla like sweetness that warm your spirit and make you think of exotic destinations and, why not, beaches, sand and salty water. After a while the bergamot-plum-ivy trio mellows out and down into a woody mix that reveal an interesting new facet.

The bottle is made of glass and has a quite simple and elegant shape, but the plastic lid doesn't complement the design at all; I think a metallic one (preferably in the same colour as the letter 'C' in the front of the bottle) with the same 'three lines' pattern on it would have given another twist, more of a high-end fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Plum and Ivy
Middle Notes: Black dahlia, Rose and Vanilla orchid
Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk and Woody Notes

*It comes in 50 ml eau de parfum.

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