Monday, 25 April 2016

Savage Beauty

So, last weekend my parents decided to pay me a visit and because they are sea aficionados just like me I came up with the idea of visiting a savage beach, just to be able to see and actually enjoy all the beauty of this field of blue much better. We got into the car and drove to our destination. When we arrived I must say it was quite shocking: not because of the empty shores (to which I was already accustomed due to the fact that many resorts are not yet 'prepared' - to put it like this - for the summer), but because of the tranquillity that seemed to invade the entire atmosphere. The air was light and crisp and the sound of waves crashing unceasingly onto the shore created a strange equilibrium. The gloomy day, the waves, the "waste land", all contributed to an extremely suggestive picture, savagery in all its splendor.
Far from the madding crowd... That would be the perfect description.

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