Sunday, 6 March 2016

Scent of a Woman | Avon Femme

Well, hello! Quite a long time no see! But because I was so busy doing my work stuff I forgot to share my last posts, which you can find here and here. Also, just in case you've missed my other perfume related post feel free to check it here. :)
It's Sunday again which means that we have a new scented post for you. Today's star is Avon Femme, a chic floral fruity eau de parfum launched in 2014 and signed by Harry Fremont (who has also createad CK One). I received this fragrance as a gift and it was quite a surprise for me, even if I'm not that much into florals (yes, this one is quite a floral) because as you might have guessed already I'm much of a a strong blends aficionado. Crisp, light, floral. Interesting choice if you want to add a twist to your daily routine.
You want something light, good for daytime, ladylike but still classy and glamorous during nightime? Then go for this baby! If you check the advertisment you will see that this perfume "lets you shine like a star". I wouldn't go that far, though. But beware! Its lasting power is good, but not wow. Just so you know. Ok, this might be my own perception based on my own body chemistry (a huge factor in choosing a perfume), but still.

Now, about the package: it came in this quite rectangular black and silver box which reminds me of a gradient glitter on an all black manicure. Classy but edgy at the same time, don't you think? Yup. Same thought here.

The bottle is simple, hexagonal and quite similar to Diamonds by Armani. The lid is squared and balances the entire look very well. 

Go check this out and tell me what you think! It's an affordable fragrance so you won't lose anything!
See you next time!

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Plum, Violet

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Wild Orchid, Magnolia

Base Notes: Amber, Peach Skin, Musk and Woody Notes

*It comes in 10, 30 (limited edition) and 50 ml eau de parfum along with body lotion and deodorant.

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