Wednesday, 2 March 2016


March 2nd. Officialy, today is the first day of Spring. 18 degrees Celsius. Whaat? That was my reaction when I left my work at 2.00 P.M. Had to run some errands downtown and then decided that a walk in the park would be a great bonus and also a healthy way to end a day.
But as you already know, I'm quite of a seaside junkie and my trip to the park quickly transformed into a trip to the beach. Everything was so quiet and peaceful, you could only hear the seagulls squawking,the waves crashing onto the shore and then ebbing away slowly. What can I say? Beautiful! Oh, so refreshing!
As for my outfit I went for a mix of basic items and colours. I do enjoy wearing simple garments that can be easily upgraded through accessories and/or makeup. After all, the violence of the black and insane purity of the white are always "tammed" by a third colour; moreover, even when worn together there's a certain harmony, a certain equilibrium.

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