Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Peachy Blush

 Hello, hello, dear people, how was your weekend? Mine was wonderful, I enjoyed every moment to the fullest, especially because this mini break came after a long period of stressful projects, hectic days and work duties, which did not leave space for anything else. So that's why on Sunday I went to a park near my home to relax and spend some good time surrounded by quality people, away from assignments and ... my flat. Yeah, I hate staying at home when the weather outside is so perfect. I chose to wear a pair of high waisted short jeans, topped with a powdery pink peplum (even if the peplum craze has started to fade out) for an edgy, yet casual ensemble with romantic accents, which resembled that day's mood. I've always been a free spirit (one of the reasons  for which I love parks / stuff related to nature) , so these wedges and the bag gave to this combo a relaxed touch.

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  1. Foarte frumoasa tinuta, iti vine foarte bine! Pupici!