Friday, 11 July 2014

Confessions of a Sea Addict

      Everyone is, at some point or maybe forever, in love with the sea. But not everybody knows why they are so attracted by this whimsical, blue-eyed lady, whose spell becomes, day after day, more powerful. She is neither the Mother nor a sacred spirit as our ancestors used to believe, mainly because the way in which we perceive things nowadays has changed; the shift from an idealistic perspective to a more pragmatic one has not dimished the impact, in the sense that we are still loving it, maybe even more than our ascendants did. We live with the impression of conquest, but in reality, it's the sea who conquers us, spiritually.



© Robert Daniel


  1. Superbe pozele ! Si rochita imi place la nebunie.



  2. Multumesc mult, Daiana, ma bucur ca iti place! :) Pup si eu!