Sunday, 16 November 2014

Snow White Gone Bad

It was one of those days in which all you want to do is stay indoors, read a good book and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee . The classic autumn recipe. But as I stood in my armchair, looking at the copper falling leaves, a thought or maybe a memory, crossed my mind: "What if I combine two of the most known fairytales in the Universe and bring them to life? " This beautiful, vintage cape was the perfect accessory for this, especially because I used it as a statement piece, as the heart of the entire story. Just look at those details! Unique, aren't they? And another key element was, obvious, my photographer Miko, who made this thought possible and to whom I am so grateful (Thank you, my friend!) 
Enjoy! :) 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ethno Vibes

It seems that summer is still playing around, deluding us with its warm touches and making us feel that those beautiful and sunny days are not gone yet. But the changing colour of the leaves, the chilly mornings or afternoons carry along the vibe of autumn, the wind of change (as the song says #smile). Well, this weekend was for me a return to origins, a return which I explored through this wonderful blouse; I must say that for a good period of time it lain in the back of my closet, until a few days ago when I rediscovered its beauty.
Gotta run now, see you soon! 



Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sail away

Hi guys, how are you??? It seems that the warm evenings, the crowded boulevards, full of joyous people and the gentle breeze are far away memories now when the signs of autumn can be felt almost everywhere. I didn't want it to come so early, I'm not prepared yet to give away this lazy atmosphere. Don't blame me, I like autumnal colors too, but I'll always be a summer lover.    

 As for what I wore for these last days of summer, a pair of casual pants, but with an elegant touch and a bright top seemed to be the best option, especially when flowy dresses and bright (but not neon, read this in comparison with dark) skirts aren't an alternative anymore. The combination between black and several neon colors sweetens the entire look and also gives it a casual-chic appearance.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Touch of Red

Hello dear friends, how are you? It's been a lot of time since we've got in touch, but I was trapped between work duties and a very prolonged holiday (which I still enjoy, by the way), situation which did not let me room for a new blog post, even though there were some photos that were eager to be shown. That being said, let's move on to more serious stuff like the outfit chosen for this wonderful promenade on the quay, a place very dear to me. Actually, to be honest, this entire city has something magical and mysterious in it - especially the old part - and I'm always fascinated by its multiple masks and roles. So, I decided to keep a minimal appearance, but, in the same time, with a twist, given in this particular case by the red bag, which was a very welcomed birthday gift. I love it for its design, its color and the fact that has something timeless. Always choose those items which tell a story or maybe can make up one;  from my point of view, I believe that, for the moment, I found mine.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Eternal Chic | The Little Black Dress

     Hi there, how are you? As you can see from the title, today we are going to talk about a "classic" item, something that every girl should have if she wants to score a simple, yet polished look. But first, let me clear something: I will neither preach about the endless ways in which you can wear this, nor about its origins, because everyone knows that. A more important element is related to this. Attitude. This is what I wanted to portray through today's outfit. An old school chic, topped with a feminine touch, especially given by the powdery pink sandals and the nude clutch
So... What do you think about this? Do you like it?
 See you soon! :)

     Aşa cum se poate observa încă din titlu, astăzi vom pune în prim-plan o piesă vestimentară deja intrată în „canonul clasic“, piesă pe care fiecare dintre noi ar trebui să o aibă în vedere dacă doreşte să obţină un look minimalist, dar elegant în acelaşi timp. Pentru început, ar fi corect să trasăm clar direcţia spre care ne vom îndrepta: nu am să vă vorbesc despre feluritele moduri în care putem pune în valoare o astfel de rochie, cum nici nu am de gând să amintesc originea sa. Acestea sunt lucruri pe care cred că oricare dintre noi le cunoaşte sau le poate afla printr-un simplu search pe Google. Altceva contează cu adevărat atunci când vine vorba despre acest obiect vestimentar, ceva ce poate face trecerea dinspre „drăguţ“spre „wow“. Atitudinea. Da, chiar ea. „Responsabila“ de foarte multe dintre impresiile pe care le lăsăm celor din jur şi cea care dezvăluie câte puţin din felul nostru de a fi, de a trăi, de a gândi. Frânturi din personalitatea noastră sunt scoase la iveală odată cu ea. Eu cel puţin asta am încercat să portretizez prin ţinuta de astăzi.
Ce a ieşit... îmi spuneţi voi! :)