Thursday, 21 November 2013

Reminiscences of Long Haired Days

 Hello, how are you today? Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but the past two weeks were a bit hectic for me (due to some personal problems and college stuff) and basically I had no time to publish  the post I was talking about on Instagram which was supposed to be a nostalgic return to the days when I used to be a long haired girl ( now when I have a bob haircut I kinda miss this status). Since I was a child my hair was long and naturally straight and even  if I wanted so much this short and edgy hairdo, now when I look at the old photos where my hair was long I  think I have that feeling of craving for something which is slightly impossible ( because physically I have to wait until it will grow back). So, here you have a bunch of photos taken in June by a friend and former colleague of mine, Mcrtici, who happens to be a good photographer too. Hope you like them and hear you soon!


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