Saturday, 23 November 2013

Intellectual Affairs

Bonjour, how are you? Today we will talk about the 20th edition of the Gaudeamus International Book Fair held in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Exhibiton Centre, a very complex cultural event which gathers together  Romanian and foreign publishers ( this year the Guests of Honour at Gaudeamus are the Nordic Countries: Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark), cultural institutes and centres,  publishing and printing houses ( Humanitas, Polirom, Rao, Litera, Curtea Veche etc), educational institutions ( Academia Romana, Academia de Studii Economice, Oxford University Press), bookstores, libraries. But before we go on, let me tell something about the concept. Every year  in Bucharest, there are two fairs dedicated to this cultural field: The Bookfest Fair and The Gaudeamus International Book & Education Fair  the difference between the two being given by the fact that one is organized by the National Theatre (TNB) and the latter by Radio Romania since 1994. Also, the idea of a book exhibiton and a literary café at the same time, creates a cosy and friendly atmosphere where the pragmatic dimension of the intercultural exchange is refined throught the feelings.
As for me, as a philology graduate, this was a very pleasant and invigorating experience where I had the chance to meet and listen to beautiful people, see good books and discover hidden treasures on the shelves.
Have a lovely Saturday!

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