Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Falling for Autumn

Hello everyone, how are you? What can be better than a silent walk in the park, admiring the intense and mesmerising palette of colours, listening to the birds' song and enjoying the last rays of sun, dangling between the trees? Last weekend was this kind of a day when I've done nothing but the wonderful spectacle of autumn - which lately has become one of my favourite seasons (including summer, of course!), mostly because it represents a transition: as we approach the end of another year, we start wondering about our life expectations and resolutions, our perspectives and ways of thinking. It shows inner peace, introspection, wisdom and a certain slow down, all topped with a decadent flavour, spread by the chilly wind. So, that being said, my advice is to step aside, take a breake (and a deep breath too) and just think of the beautiful moments that life put in your way. After all, that's all that matters!
Have a wonderful day!

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